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Inspiring Circular Living

Located within R&R Head Labs at 2260 E Colfax Ave, Denver Colorado.



So, consider, please, the Dodo noble bird, perhaps more known for what it isn’t than what it is

Reconsider, please, its name not one ‘Do’ but two because anything worth doing once is worth doing again

All things deserve more than one life

It’s not that nothing is permanent but that everything is

It’s why we created Again & Again, to dispose of the very idea of disposability;

that every piece we make will be made again

Our clothing is more than itself It’s a signal of the future in the remaking;

an invitation to live life with repurpose and relook at it as a circle because in a circular world, nothing ever really ends

This is why there are no periods in anything you’ve just read and why nothing is ever really extinct

The only way forward is to walk in a circle

And so we begin

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Denver, Colorado


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